70% Alpaca Dress Socks - Denim

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70% baby alpaca Socks

These socks are ideal for office or a night on the town. These socks have been washed in aloe vera, which causes less sweating and odour. Aloe vera is anti-inflamatory and anti-microbial.

The natural properties of alpaca fiber will keep your feet dry and warm.
Care: Wash with cold water and dry flat.

Made with: 70% alpaca, 28% acrylic, 2% spandex.

Size for Lady:
S - M = 4 – 9
L - XL = 9.5 – 10.5

Size for men:
S - M = 3 – 8.5
L - XL = 9 – 14

Alpaca fiber surpasses its competitors in regards to the conservation of body heat. Even thinner alpaca socks keep in the warmth thanks to its hollow fiber that holds the air in its center and thus insulates your foot.



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