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Carole Laurence

Animal and naturalist painter, with a realistic and contemporary style for wich her Native American roots  have anchored a deep passion for nature. Sometimes the style will be very near to abstract leaving the person gazing and evolving with the canvas. Additions of natural materials can often be found in her achievements.

Having a view on the river, she has a daily contact with nature, the animals, the flora. Fascinated with the fragility and the beauty that have always inspired her.

Therefore, everything takes shape in the creation of her paintings.  ««I always have a forest on my mind.»» Through her work, she wishes to raise awareness and convey her love and great respect for nature.

The artist was involved in several international exhibitions, in Japan and in Europe, at the Carrousel du Louvre, in the context of the National Salon of Fine Arts in Paris for the years 2010 and 2011. Her paintings can be found in galleries and different cities such as , Paris, Montreal, Quebec and in Ontario.

Artistic Approach

Over the years, her pictorial research has expanded and developed. Pushed by the need to renew herself and not to be rooted in a traditional practice. She now paints with oil or acrylic. The background is modulated and textured most of the time, using the mediums of acrylic and spatsules. Using this treatment, she desires to create patterns that recall those present in nature. Shades of blue and grey will be dominant colors in the background. To evolve towards  harmony and balance.  While noting the effect of softness.

Furthermore, I assemble elements  to my compositions, using wire. Thus natural materials are recovered and reused : such as feathers, rocks, leather… These serve to remind of the painted elements and the wire serves as a guideline to link the different parts. Between them, engages a dialog, and a new story is thus created. My inspiration comes from my environment, both social and natural. Having always been surrounded by artists and craftsmen, my inspiration remains nourished by their talent. I am also very involved in the realization of artistic and cultural events. Member of several artistic associations. After graduating, I have been teaching painting and sketching for about the last 25 years.