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Geneviève Fréchette

I'm from Sherbrooke in the province of Quebec. Being a self-taught artist painter for the past 25 years, I paint what I feel, which really makes me vibrate.
My main medium is oil. Sometimes I use my own technique of paper under oil or aluminum wire that will be structured to accompany mywork.

My favorite subjects are horses, landscapes, characters and more. Yes, I am very diversified but my colors follow me and I love life too much to stop me in a single line. The life is before my eyes, I taste it with the look and I like to paint what attracts me.

Putting on an canvas an emotion so that it can awaken a flame in the gaze that will be posed on it, that is my great motivation and my pleasure which remains always as vivifying.

Many of my works are found in Belgium and France. It is an honor for me to represent Quebec!

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