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Lucie Lucas

Born in Vaudreuil, Qc, Canada.Attirée always drawing and painting. Drawing and expérimentation of different mediums with Monique Vadeboncoeur . Workshop pastel colors and style living with Samir Kachami . Pastel workshop with Guylaine Jacques PSA , PSC . Portrait workshop with Max Stiebel PSC and Jacques Denis IAF . Outdoor workshop with Horace Champagne PSC . Pastel workshop with master pastel american Teresa Saia .

Numerous group exhibitions and symposiums painting in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick and a few solo exhibitions since 1993. Ever exhibited in France and Belgium. Recipient of several awards and accolades .

Member of the professional association ALPAP ( Lavalloise association for plastic arts), Roseart member ,  member QACB ( Quartier des Arts du Cheval Blanc ) west of Laval, a member of the Group ArtPlus  also a member of PSEC ( pastel Society of Eastern Canada ) which it is a signatory .

Painted sets for some species of amateur theater. Gave demonstrations of pastel in primary schools, symposia and associations of visual artists . Teaches drawing and pastel .

Favors figurative art in a personal style to more contemporary trend. At ease with the landscape but has a preference for the character. Intimate works, imbued with joy and poetry.
Is in the Guide Roussan since 2001 including 2013. Is in the Biennial Directory of Canadian Artists Gallery Magazin'art since 2000 and in that of 2015-2016.

 In the gallery since 1997.

Represented by these gallerys: Symbole Art gallery, Montreal and La Vieille Caserne gallery, Ste-Rose, Laval Qc, Canada

Artistic approach
Born of parents possessing artistic talents , Lucie Lucas is drawn very young by drawing. In her teens, she tries out different art forms : theater, dance, photography , ect ... but she always ends up with a drawing pad and pencils in hands. She draws characters, made ​​caricatures of his friends drawing objects , landscapes and indulges his imagination.

In the early 80s, she enrolled in various courses in painting and tames the concepts of colors , experimenting with different mediums as charcoal, ink wash and oil painting .

She discovered pastel . It is a revelation ! Starting to make its practical side ( less time to pick up and clean ) , she quickly enthusiasm for this medium . Apply these vibrant colors with these sticks , enchanted at the highest point . She loves this contact "intimate" of the stick and fingers on the support , it's as if she " sculpted " about it. With experience , she enjoys the spontaneity and speed of execution of the pastel . Developing a real passion for pastel, it is used to express emotions with intense colors that blend and pastel or superimposed

In addition, the diversity of papers and media on which it works , brings even more to the work in progress since the challenge is to integrate the texture of the paper or media to the work itself , that it discovers every time with great pleasure .

Artworks Lucie Lucas show a good command of the technique of pastel and drawing. The works of the artist charm by his vision of the surrounding world and its vibrant and harmonious colors. His intimate works , has a poetry, a joie de vivre, a tribute to the beauty often filled serenity, even a certain spirituality.

By duality (she is Gemini ), the artist also painted many landscapes of the characters. She likes to paint a series of pictures from a specific theme , exploiting his vision of the subject from different aspects . Characters, among other musicians and hands are subjects they particularly like . It draws where his gaze is .

Currently, she is looking for new ways to make their own experiences and textured backgrounds . She works in pastel successive layers. She still operate deeper qualities of this beautiful medium of the pastel .Part of a hyper-realistic style with a touch impressionist, it now tends to simplify in order to get to the heart of most contemporary and stylish way.

 Lucie Lucas continue to promote pastel through the gallery owners through his teaching of the medium, by its participation in exhibitions and symposia paint and the web so that people discover and appreciate the pastel making him a entire site as well as the other mediums in the landscape of visual art in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere.

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