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Rachel Guay

My artistic talents have been remarked since my early childhood. Verry quickly I was called upon for my talent with drawings, paintings and decorations. My advanced studies and professional work forced me to delay my desire to paint to my retirement from my professional life. A serious health accident at the dawn of my forties pushed my projest ahead. I picked up my brushes and produced several oils. Then with two of my colleagues, I organized an artistic event at my workplace where I sold several of my paintings. A good part of my dreams were realized.

Successfully recovered from my health problems, my professional life resumed and took over again all of my time. However, repeated visits at art exhibitions allowed me to develop a special interest in watercolour painting, I was fascinated by the transparency, the light and poetry that I discovered.

In 2004, thanks to a combination of circumstances, the arrival of a watercolour artist at Ste-Margeurite-du-Lac-Masson and my pre-retreat, I finally could fulfill my desire to devote myself to watercolour and to arts. For the following 5 years I was a diligent student of Elise Miron, Member of the Canadian Association of Watercolour. I took several other trainings with, M. Claude Noel, Miss Renee Dion, Diane Forest, lynda Lamontagne, etc…

Since 2008, I paint with a group, once a week at the Culturel Center of Lac-Masson, the friendly workshop that I have created.