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Rolande L'Écuyer

When I think of my creating impulse, I dare to believe one second, that I cultivate beauty. That beauty offered by nature in its infinite diversity; it inspires me and excites me. I paint flowers, trees and landscapes with that emotion that I want to share my love for the planet. The appeasement, the immensity and even the vitality that it is transmitting us are an endless source of subjects but also of colors, forms, and textures. I like to observe the luminosity that is always changing. And then, to express those nuances with my brushes on canvas becomes a reel challenge for me.

Sometimes, I desire to represent the perfection of a natural element, other times, it is its aura: the feeling I receive and assert myself. Therefore, the techniques are different and the realism becomes more and more abstract. I began in this field of art by drawing and oil painting in the classic style. Then, my word opened on the feeling way and the audacity. The textures, collages and impressions give my work a new dimension. An unexpected result surprises me sometimes. I often utilise a warm palette with cold tones here and there. Actually, I experiment new approaches on small scale, but this stage is ending and the gesture becomes larger.

I continue my formation and I joined a group of dynamic artists that gives me a good support in my path of progress. Desiring to share my passion, I had exposed my oeuvre at the art gallery Cultiv’Art in Oka, for several times. I also took part of other group exhibitions as the Centre  Culturel of Sainte-Rose, Symposium des Artistes de la Route des Fleurs de Laval, with the Artisans des Métiers d’art de Saint-Eustache, the Association culturelle de Deux-Montagnes and many times with Groupe Artplus.

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