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Thierry Seurre

Painter in Imaginative Art, the goal of my artistic work is to bring new impulses to remind the human being that the spiritual world exists. I aspire to bring down my ideal of beauty in my works, the result of a meditative work on spiritual knowledge.
I work primarily from books of spirituality or inspiring to meditation. When I have found a topic that I love and want to explore (for example the influence of a god or a goddess through mythology), I begin to read it very slowly so that each word s' Permeates in me. I then question myself on what I have just read by internalising myself, that is, by reviving in my heart, by meditation, this knowledge. Then, after some time, a "spiritual image" or "Imagination" comes to me which reflects my deep questioning.
To realize my works, I use the technique of watercolor which possesses qualities of transparency, light and softness. I like the delicacy of this medium because each wash is like a transparent veil that is deposited on the white and bright surface of the paper.
Since watercolor does not allow multiple retouching without altering its qualities, errors are also difficult to repair. But what I like about her is that she is a bit like the reflection of life: her surprises allow me to learn constantly to experience new experiences.
Along with this form of art that requires a lot of time to mature, I paint various subjects such as landscapes, portraits and scenes of everyday life. Still in research, I like to challenge myself by choosing projects that allow me to explore various facets of watercolor. But whatever technique is used, the most important thing for me always remains to preserve this initial light from the paper. It demands a constant struggle between the shadow and the light, but also the artist's inner struggle to show that good is always superior to evil.

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