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World-Class canadians artists collection - Road to follow

A 1000-pieces adult puzzle, perfect for getting into the holiday spirit by putting together a puzzle with family or friends?

  • Canadian Artist Puzzle by Christine Genest
  • 1000 pieces
  • Appox. 27" x 19"

Biography :

Born in 1970,Christine Genest became interested in the arts when she was 9 years old. She began exploring ceramics, then painting, drawing, sculpture and many more forms. A self-taught painter, she has a sensitivity for art and expresses her artistic side in naïve art. Her work is inspired by the meeting of the real and imaginary worlds. She enjoys painting oddly amusing characters and creatures and creatures that are also part of a story. Her brightly colored works thus become a reflection of who she is, taking us to the heart of the matter : nature, a love of life, and her trade mark simplicity. Her harmonious paintings elicit a dialogue as we identify with and breathe to the rhythm of the subject revealed in each work. Her vision exudes happiness and well being.